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Wargames WOPR case

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Some of you have probably already seen this on other forums.
From the movie Wargames i bring you WOPR.
Love this movie, and love the WOPR.

Started planning this a half year ago, tried to contact people in the US having some info about the real model to get measurements and color codes etc.

Got some good info and now its time to get it rollin´.

I found some sketchup model of the WOPR, but the measurements were totally off, and some parts were to big/small, wrong place and so on. Took me almost a month to get all details right in the sketchup model. Used the movie of course and all pics i could found on the net. Also got some emailed to me from a previous worker who made the original back in the 80´s.

Size of the case will be about 19x8x6", perfect to house a ITX motherboard with a 3870K AMD, i have a Intel 330 128GB SSD somewhere and a Corsair H60 that will to the job perfect
I do not play games, so the graphic power is not a issue for me.

If someone dont know what the WOPR is.
War Operation Plan Response


Now from the start, it may look a bit messy until i get all the parts and stuff together

The roof of the WOPR. Rounded wood stripes to get rounded parts without sanding me to death


Adding some round corners, Using 20mm pipe to get perfect corners.


The three panels for the LED´s

Sketchup model, got them CNC cut to get perfect holes everywhere


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Posted · Original PosterOP

My first order of LED´s, 400 of them... After some counting, im gonna need 1000 more


Been sanding and sanding to get straight edges and round corners.

The top parts getting good now, and ready for gluing. But i think i leave some parts to the last step so i dont get any problems adding the electronics


Adding a pic of the real deal, from almost the same angle.


My biggest concern with the WOPR was the doors, they are countersunk and have rounded edges.

Take a look


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Posted · Original PosterOP

I tried different solutions, cut open pipe, sanding in a angle and other stuff, nothing really good.

Now i found this, and whats im going with. Not 100% identical with the original but good enough.

Some putty and sanding, and after that i will run a router bit making the edge rounded i think will do the job.


Now the fun work starts

Time to figure out where the LED´s go, from what cluster and what colour, my charts are pretty easy to follor, but with 1400 LED´s i think i will have a brain freeze or two


Trying the leds in the panels before paint.

Noticed the yellow needs to be changed to amber, too much yellow

BTW, its 3mm led´s


A little mockup before more sanding and gluing

The bottom of the case is not there, couldnt get all parts stand by themself and take a photo at the same time


To be continued

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Made some more panels for the USB headers.


The USB headers goes here, behind the "tower" at the red arrow.


And a colourtest to see how it looks :)


Soon gettin´ there, much time goes to the LED´s and not so much for the case right now.

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Oh my God this is awesome.

I really want to see how it turns out. I see a smexy model coming.

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I want one now! Both a scale version like yours, and a full size version to hold multiple computers! This WOPR case will be the best for LAN parties! Purely because its the WOPR! I love War Games (watched it christmas eve).

Best case build I've seen ever!

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Posted · Original PosterOP



Got tired of the roof, the plastic i used was to soft that i sagged when sanded and after 10 runs with putty/filler i still didnt have a flat roof.

And all wet sanding made the wood increase in thickness, had it in the oven for a couple of hours now to dry it up.

Going to replace the roof with 4mm acrylic, and i hope i can get done with the casing now, all other parts just laying around and wait smile.png


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SIR, I love you! Marry me now! Wargames is one of my favorite movies, and I would die to have a case like that!

[9:01:47 PM] Slick: And the award for life time acheivement in the field of "maker of the least amount of sense" goes to Kilmer.

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omg this is awesome i want it!

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Omg, I want to see the finished build now!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks guys :)

Im doing some led soldering right now, but will build more on the case tomorrow (later today for you US people) and put up some more pics :)

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Looks sweet! Can't wait to see you finish it up and post it up here ;)

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PSU: Corsair RM850x


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This as fracken awesome!

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awesome build. good moive. can't wait to see it done.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

New plexiglass roof on!

Took me 10 minutes to sand the roof and prime it with perfect result :)

But i found one more fault, it was too wide. Cut away one inch from it.

When i was done, i remembered that all other parts now is to wide too...

Two part WOPR

Now this is the last changes, i dont have time for more errors :)


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Current status of the case, didnt want to add color just for a photo so you have to imagine the correct color on it ;)

Working on led panels and the bottom of the case now, trying to fit a 120 or 140mm radiator for a cpu only loop, we´ll se if it fits.


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Posted · Original PosterOP

Current state of the case.

Testing the led-panel, i wish i made the cutout bigger... See if i make that change later or if i just go with it.

Almost time for some Tic Tac Toe


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