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Any experience with Quad9?

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So I've been thinking about updating the DNS settings in my router and the other day I saw an article on Ars Tech about a new DNS called Quad9 which supposedly helps in blocking websites that are known malicious domains...  Was wondering though if anyone on this site has any experience with this yet and if so, how well does it work?  Supposedly they are not storing personal information such as IP addresses, but are making anonymized statistics data to share with 'threat intelligence partners'.







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Personally, I prefer OpenDNS as they've been doing it for a while. Not sure on the implementation differences but I'm glad more services are popping up that try to block malicious sites by default.

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Any abilities OpenDNS has in security will be dwarfed by IBM. I just wish that more security organizations were doing something like this. Proofpoint, Symantec, and others (heck even the ClamAV guys) see more from a security point of view. If an IP is a bad actor then that knowledge needs to be freely available, so yeah I agree totally that its great that another organization is doing this. More power to'em.

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