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Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses demo video

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Was just checking one of my news feeds and saw something that I think might interest some people here




Video on Youtube




Although as it says


The video mirrors the Blade's display via tethering, so we don't actually get an appreciation for the first-hand experience, but we do get a sense of its user interface and functionality.

I think it is one of the better videos showcasing the Blade.


I can personally attest to the quality, as I tried the blade at CES 2017, and at a few other events, It is definitely a step up from google glass, even though it is running the same software framework.  Though the battery life is still quite small.  Out of all the AR headsets I have tried (that I can talk about, and will be available in the next year or so), this is the one with the most appeal to the general consumer.  


Do you people think this could be the product that helps re-kickstart AR (after the google glass chaos).

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Someone needs to make a AR program for this thing for people in bed, marking red every time you're doing something wrong.


Then again, I would like a pair before I die...


Jokes aside it looks cool, but it's going to be pricey af, something I'm not really keen on, paying more for an accessory than the phone it self.

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Oh shit, future is here again. I want this type of tech to become mainstream quicker.

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