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No signal on HDMI when closing Netflix

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi Guys

I  have, I have a problem with my monitors. I will explain my setup


1st Device is a Monitor running 1440p through mini Display port

2nd Device is a 720p TV through HDMI

This is what happens. I will open a browser on the TV and play Netflix while game ETC on the monitor. I have no performance issue with frame rate ETC however if i close the browser on the TV it goes black then the TV receives no signal and changes to its default blue screen saver.

There is a second issue every now and then i can scroll to the TV but there is no mouse input, I can see the cursor but i cant click on anything, when i move my mouse to the bottom screen the same thing happens and then the PC freezes followed by lose of signal and I have to use the reset button on the PC. The motherboard still reads a normal post of 24.

Please help 

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