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PC complete - troubleshooting issues

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys i'm new to this forum as I wanted to get help with a few probelms I encountered after building my PC.

First things first, here are the specs:

AMD Athlon X4 750K


4GB Corsair Vengeance

Msi GTX 660 Gaming Edition

Bitfenix Prodigy M

Samsung 840 EVO SSD

Dell 460W PSU from my previous PC (will be getting a Corsair CXM 430W at Christmas)

The first problem is that when I switch on my PC I get a splash screen which has an error reading 'CPU fan error'. This didn't make sense to me because I checked and the fan was working. Also I went into the EFI and the temperature of the CPU was a steady 36 degrees Celsius. Could you shed some light on this issue?

Secondly I have a pair of Turtle Beaches PX22's. The problem here is that both the chat volume and game volum are being controlled by the same chat volume control. E.g. The game volume control doesn't do anything. The headset worked fine on my previous computer but since changing it has messed up.

Finally, is the EFI meant to fill up the whole screen because right now it still has a black border even though all the drivers are installed. Once inside the OS(Windows 7), the resolution is fine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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i had that cpu fan problem when i built my first computer, i didn't realize i had to plug it into the cpu fan header lol. I'm guessing that's what you did 



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Try lowing the low RPM limit: http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1728332/cpu-fan-error-boot.html#11125879


and adjust your mic and headphone volume in Recording and Playback devices by right clicking on the volume icon.

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i beleve you can disable some of the error it can give during self test but i can remember how and dont think its posible with the newer fancy pants efi bios but try looking under boot error or something 

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Regarding resolution on POST and BIOS. There's really nothing you can do or is really nessessary to do about that. Drivers for GPU are to do with OS. BIOS is just using Plug-and-Play resolution which is same that windows without drivers uses.

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