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2.1 Speaker set up

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So I have a JBL SP150 which I plan to use in a 2.1 speaker setup, I have been really looking towards the Audioengine A4 since they are highly regarded speakers, I was thinking about using this Micca DAC and AMP to power the speakers and hook everything together, this setup together would be about $350, would it be better sound quality wise and just overall listening experience to just get the Audioengine A5+ since they are $350?







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If something like this is ok for you, you can´t go wrong with it.  (It´s called "companion 50" rather than "companion 5", but it´s probably the same thing and only named differently for the US.)


It also has the advantage that the PSU is built in.  I don´t want anything that has an external one because that´s a nuisance.


I also wanted to spend only about 1/10 of what this thing costs when I went shopping.  I´m glad that I bought it because it´s just good.


Don´t expect it to fill a whole room, that´s not what it is made for.  But if you wanted that, you´d probably look at bigger speakers anyway.


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