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PIA speed issues on windows (fine on my mac) Help

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Hey all.  Currently use PIA vpn. lately ive only own a windows computer (my main gaming rig) and noticed ever since day one that my speeds no matter what server connect to. will not go past 30mbps down  My current ISP is Spectrum and get 70 down 5 up. well a few weeks ago i bought a macbook pro. installed pia onto that and noticed that my speed using the vpn with my macbook pro are amazing. im getting my full 70 down 5 up!    i thought i was going nuts i just checked it now. set my desktop up to the same server then used the same speedtest.net  server and my mac was getting full speed while my windows pc (as well as my other windows pc i use as a home nas) were getting 30 mbps down max. 

anyone else have this issue or know whats going on. and what i can do to fix this? 

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