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LGA 1366 Xeons Not Reaching Correct Frequency

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello all,


A few rounds of google and some BIOS fiddling could not give me an answer as to why my new dual xeon X5670s, which are supposed to have a base of 2.96 Ghz, are booting at 2.26 Ghz and not going any higher than 2.4 ghz. the motherboard is a Tyan S7012. the OS is Windows 8.1 Pro.


I believe it's a hardware problem because the post screen is reporting the frequency as 2.26 Ghz. It's strange, however, because under CPU it says "Xeon X5670 @ 2.96 Ghz" but under "Freq" it's "= 2.26 Ghz."

I set the Ratio CMOS to 22 which makes the clocks go to 2.4 Ghz when I put on P95 or Aida 64, but they refuse to go higher.


It is clear from googling that other people are not having this problem with this motherboard, and are reaching the correct stock speeds. 


I am over 25C from throttling. I have made no other hardware changes. The X5670s are replacing the pitiful E5506s. The last memory upgrade was two months ago and all sticks are clean. The OS install is fairly fresh, less than 3 months old, with only a handful of vital programs. The PSU is not even at half load with P95 running. I am kinda at a loss.


If anyone has any info, thanks.


EDIT: I should mention that all processors and threads are also appearing correctly. 12ct/24th.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I thought I had made progress when I  cleared CMOS in that the BIOS now reads the frequency as 2.96 Ghz, however when in windows, the frequency still does not exceed 2400 mhz under stress testing or even single threaded gaming loads. 

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4 minutes ago, ellisif said:

Tyan S7012. The version without SAS.

Got the latest bios revision installed? 5600 series Xeons required updates to a lot of motherboards for them to work correctly.

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