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Where is prosumer/enthusiast memory?

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Ryzen set the tone and when Threadripper arrived, in my opinion, a somewhat new market was created: The enthusiast prosumer.


See, I plan on running vms on TR, one of which will be a gaming vm. However, that very machine also manages the up to 24 SATA harddrives and the ZFS filesystem housing the vms and my storage.


ZFS likes ECC memory and I would love to give it ECC memory. However, nobody seems to produce ECC above 2400 MHz. And Threadripper/Ryzen thrives on higher clocked memory as we've learned. For the gaming vm, that's going to be a factor.


 So where is the 3200 MHz ECC memory? Are there physical roadblocks that make it hard or even impossible to manufacture or do the RAM producing companies just see no market in that?


Do you think that might change as soon as the retooling we keep hearing about is done? Opinions?

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Can't do high frequencies with traces so densely packed between slots and socket and so many dimm slots.

The higher the frequencies, the tighter the tolerances are and traces must be length matched to perfection and even then it's problematic.


oh and technically i think jedec standardized only up to ddr4-2400mhz or ddr4-2667 mhz - anything higher may just as well be considered overclocking

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