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Logitech G502, but wireless?

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I'm looking for the closest thing to a Logitech G502 gaming mouse, but wireless. I love my G502 to death, it's the best mouse I've ever owned; however, I'm getting sick and tired of the cable since I've gotten more serious about competitive FPS games. As a result of my living situation, my setup is not that permanent and any cable managing I do is often undone within a couple weeks, and I'm getting fed up with it.


What I would consider absolutely necessary for a worthy wireless replacement would have the following:

1. A similar feel to the G502.

2. A "sniper" button (standalone thumb button). I don't use this to adjust DPI, but I map it to win+tab for general OS use and push-to-talk in discord for gaming.

3. Software for button remapping that supports per-program customizable profiles that can automatically change the mapped functions based on what is running. (Sniper button is win+tab in OS, push-to-talk in Overwatch, for example, without having to manually change it each time).

4. A thumb rest.

5. Equal or lesser latency.


These things aren't required, but I would really like:

1. White or RGB lighting (or the ability to turn off any lighting if it isn't white or RGB).

2. An addition button under the scroll wheel between the mouse buttons (I map this to win+d)

3. Standard cable for charging.

4. A pinky rest (which the G502 doesn't have - its only flaw!)


I've looked at a few manufacturers but I can't find anything with all of the "needs", nor the "wants". Any suggestions appreciated. I'd love to stick with Logi so if any insiders have any knowledge on an upcoming wireless G503 they want to leak... ;)

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Honestly, right now if you really want to game wireless, the only mice I recommend now are Logitech G403, G900, G703, and G903. Out of these the only ones close to G502's shape are G403 or G703.

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