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AMD GPUs are getting crushed will they ever make a comeback ?

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I use a MacBook Pro for my app development and unfortunately Apple have had a deal with AMD for several years to use AMD GPUs.  Year on year nVidia have been moving ahead, from being a bit faster, to a lot faster, to the 1060 vs the AMD 560 which is just comical.  The new Microsoft surface book uses an nVidia 1060 and the current MacBook Pro uses an AMD 560 which are in the same TDP envelope yet the 560 isn't even in the same class.


My question is, can AMD ever come back to parity with nVidia for GPU performance like back in the old days where they traded blows for the top spot.   

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Apple uses AMD because they do business for cheap. 


Nvidia is not a very casual company when it comes to their IP and I think their business practices keep Apple from making new agreements with them. 


If Nvidia wants their name associated with the Mac then they need to make themselves desirable for Apple.

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Only if they can ever make a card that is on par or better than the Nvidia flagship cards. Even then, with all the other external factors like power draw, mining, and stupid business practices, It could still be a hard sell. I liked my Asus RX480 it was a really good card, and I even managed to buy it for $198.99 new at Frys right before the mining stuff came about. Ended up selling it for nearly 400 and bought a MSI 1080 for $470. 

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Maybe if they manage to beat Nvidia to the 7nm node they can pull even until Nvidia releases their 7nm parts, sort of like how they got the 7970 out before Nvidia's 680, so they were competing against the older 580 and winning

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20 minutes ago, whitedragon101 said:

My question is, can AMD ever come back to parity with nVidia for GPU performance like back in the old days where they traded blows for the top spot.   

Look at Tahiti vs. GK104.

That should answer your question!


Tahiti wasn't bad and lasted way longer than GK104, but everyone bought GK104 because nVida. And before this generation, the power consumption wasn't important at all...


As long as that's the case, no. It's impossible...


People just need the pain like not be able to overclock and other bullshit nVidia does to sell more GPUs, before they wake up and stop buying every generation from them and just wait for "something good".


Even if AMD had a decent GPU that is on par with nVidia, nobody would buy it.

Only Miner buy AMD en masse right now because they don't care about ideological bullshit like the normal customers...

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I don't know what some of you people are smoking

Amd fan boys are everywhere

Performance is fine for the price

They were selling before this 2nd mining wave too

For what they have for r and d they are doing great

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If they can make a good flagship product, like they did with the Fury X, they would be instantly competitive. They should overhaul their entire lineup, no rebrand nonsense once, on 7nm, and then they can start rebranding again, with less power draw. JUST DO IT AMD.

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