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Help please

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what do you meaana redoing? evey time you boot or it will keep looping and you cant even get into your pc?

If you want to argue with me, and you probably will please PM me, no need to ruin threads becase you dont like how I am.


Ask me how I made 100k selling illegal narcotics!


and you think im joking, Did a lot of wrong to get my money right.

I look up to Larry Hoover.

Your homies loyal 'til the one time you tell 'em no


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Please explain in greater detail.

Yes, it's 2871 as in the year 2871. I traveled all this way, back in time, just to help you. And you thought your mama lied when she said you were special-_-

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27 minutes ago, Charlie1234 said:

My new buld windows 10 keeps redoing the getting your update ready part

How long has it been stuck? Are you installing from flash drive or disc? Have you tried reinstalling it? Have you used this install before or are you currently installing windows and getting this message? More Info Please 



My specs for all my systems:


Desktop: i5 6600k | G.SKILL 16GB | 256 GB Samsung SSD and 1TB WD Drive | Evga 1070 | Asus z170-A Mobo | Phantom 410 Case


MSI Ghost Pro Laptop: 6700hq | 970m 3GB | 16GB Memory | 128 Samsung SSD | 1TB WD 7200RPM HDD


Surface Pro 2: i5 3210m 


Operating Systems I Use


Windows 10



Ubuntu Server

Kali-Linux for Self Testing Purposes :P

Elementary OS





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