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Hi all,


currently i am in the process of buying 2 new monitors(or maybe 1 ultra wide.. not sure yet - since there is still more space on 2x 24").

As far as my research goes, all the leads somehow end on this: http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-u2414h/pd


The idea is to have 2 monitors side by side on monitor arms, the ideal budget would be 400eur(could stretch some more if there is a noticeable improvement in quality).

The monitors will be primarily be used for work(development) and casual gaming(MMORPG, moba, FPS, racing sims,...).


Thanks in advance for any tips and suggestions :)

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if all you want is two monitors to go side by side you can use anything you want, the bezels also dont really matter unless you want to go for tripple monitors and game on all 3, during normal work bezels dont really bother you.


if you already have a monitor just get one more and see how it goes, if you feel like you need even more there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

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