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Trying to find the cause of my crashing problem.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i'm having this annoying problem happens under load (played Shadow of War for a long time, lol).

My PC is crashing, under heavy load (some games worked fine and I didn't got any crashes). Then it reboots back to Windows.


The thing is - 

1. Its not drivers (Ive formatted my PC and let Windows install all the drivers for the GPU  - 1070 Strix), and when benching in FurMark still crash.

2. It can be either the PSU or the GPU IMO.


When I run stress tests on the CPU it can run 30 min without nothing happens.

Some of the stress tests ive made for my GPU was on the good side (it managed to stay up for around 12 min before crashing once).


So I think its the GPU ATM, and Ive got it in a lab for testing (ive got warranty on the card so its cool).


I do have one more thing to look for if the cards comes back with no problems - if its the PSU ill replace it.

But Im having a "rain protector" thing plugged into the system (this plug that if there is a power shutdown it will keep the computer safe and wont burn anything down). - its pretty old so it might be that thing aswell..


Im not asking for help since ive done maybe every possible thing in order to seek the problem, I just want to see what you guys think about all this...

Thanks :D

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