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Please help me figure out if my new monitor is defective...

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I received my Dell U2417H yesterday and it's fantastic, however I have noticed something that is really putting me off. Around the bezels there seems to be a faint dark blur, (especially the bottom and left bezel) this is most obvious when a white page is flush against the bezel, there is a very faint blur and the colors are noticeably darker around the bezels than they are in the middle of the panel, (white notepad page looks kind of grey instead of pure white at the edge of the display compared to the middle). Is my product defective or is this a normal thing with IPS displays? Perhaps it's a feature of the very thin fake bezel on the u2417h?

Other than that the display is amazing, I cant notice any overshoot or lag during gaming and IPS glow is to a minimum, but are the colors not meant to be 100% same across the whole display? This is my first IPS panel so I'm not quite sure what to make of it....

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