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6 hours ago, trufret said:

You can not play games you purchased from the Oculus Home store on the Vive or another manufacturers headset without the use of the 3rd party Revive software.

While Oculus may have backpedaled on the explicit hardware check they previously added to their software, not having native support for any other headsets results in the same outcome.


Revive is a nice bonus right now, but it could stop being supported by either the creator or Oculus at any time.

I'm not going to sink a lot of money into their store knowing that, when I can buy most of the games on steam and not have to worry about it.


In other words, you can run their content on other hardware.


The explicit hardware check was only in there for about a week, in response to people pirating content.


As for the other stuff, that's just FUD. Oculus has as much of a reason to break Vive/Revive support as Valve has to remove support for the Rift in Steam.

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Owning both of the pieces of hardware I think personally I like the vive due to it more open platform (wireless modules, different headstraps, Vive n Chill(totally not what you think). If you're looking for cheap with no easy room scale or just want to test the waters, rift. If you want the openness and the easy room scale vive. Also, those talking about gen 2 may also have a point. Valve is working on its knuckles controllers which can use your knuckles to map your hand and a newer base station which along with less power gets you better tracking. Occulus is rumored to be working on better tracking technology and gloves but both are still rumors as far as I'm aware. Also on support, the vive and Facebook have the same support, which with the vive you may have to call. like all products, the controllers have a small flaw that affects a few people, but they really do have a fast return around time. people are also excited about the pimax 8k but unless you have like a 1080ti they have even said it may not work well. 

TLDR If you would like a more open ecosystem, future upgrades, easier room scale vive, if you want cheaper and native support rift.

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