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Mechanical Keyboard for around 50-80€

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13 minutes ago, Ruben360 said:


I am looking for a ten key less non rgb mechanical keyboard.

Any Idea?

The CM Storm QuickFire TK is a very nice keyboard, it fits the layout you're seeking, it goes for around 80-90 euros, depending on where you buy it from.

You said you did not want an RGB keyboard, however this one does feature white LEDs, I'm not sure if that'll be a problem for you.

If I remember correctly it features both MX Brown and MX Red switches, both great for gaming and typing, if you ask me.

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the corsair K63 is a good choice. goes for around 75-80 euros.

is a tenkeyless keyboard with cherry mx red switches. has dedicated media controls as well.

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Coolermaster masterkeys pro S PBT,  It's well built looks neat, non rgb and has decent keycaps.

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