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Are loot boxes a form of unregulated gambling?

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OP a poll would be nice to see what people think about this no?


I strongly want all these lootbox-ideas erased, no exceptions

a lootbox is in my perspective a slotmachine because it gives you a random outcome.

I'm actually worried of the younger people since they are more effected and find it normal.




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It is 100 percent gambling that kids can join in on. The whole concept honestly makes me sick and the fact that we didn't nip it in the butt the minute it started happening is a failure on our part worse than that of letting Xbox live be a thing in my opinion.

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imo this is borderline gambling and it should be taxed accordingly. If those greedy publishers think there is no other way than this to make profit the state might as well benefit.

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I thought a bit about this over the last couple of days but I can't really decide whether it should be considered gambling or not. It's gambling in the sense that you pay real money and don't know exactly what you get. But then again, by that definition a Kinder egg could be considered gambling. There's also no official way to cash out on any game that i know of.


Anyway it pisses me off that apparently enough people are buying lootboxes that they've become a thing even in full price titles now, so it's good to finally see some backlash. Don't think it would get us anywhere if this was regulated, the publishers would just come up with the next best scheme to make money via microtransactions. People simply need to stop falling for that kind of crap.

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