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bf4 windows 8.1

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i've been told that windows 8 and 8.1 give a decent fps boost in bf4, should i change to 8.1 from windows 7? will there be a fps boost in newer games in the future too?



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Yes it is true, i saw around 70% jump in performance in the BF4 Beta simply switching to Win 8, however i had other issues with AMD drivers, so i went back to 7, i never got the game because of the mess it is in now.

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cant speak for windows 8 but went from 7 to win 8.1 shortly after launch and was very noticeable difference. make the jump!

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The final build doesn't yeild that big of a performance jump.

I mean you may have issues with 8.1 within the game that you don't have with 7.

7 might be more stable compared to 8.1 on your system. Mileage will vary because the game is still in fucking BETA in my mind.

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i have a gtx 560, i5 3570k, 12 gb of ram but i'm probably getting a 770 this month


your good then


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I also want to know the answer to this. Can anyone test it with bf4 at it's current state? Currently with win 7 with core unparked. Would I see a decent jump in performance going to win 8/8.1?

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