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I need to create a dedicated game server machine

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Hi, I'm new to this stuff and I need to make a server machine for hosting game servers(Don't starve together and Unturned, both games not needing much performance and ram to host nice servers) with max 30 players combined and a couple of light mods. Location: Europe, Lithuania. Not a very good place, but i will be mostly playing with europeans and friends. Budget 350-400. Don't need more then 1tb of space and if i start to need it ill just upgrade. Any machine u can create with this budget will help. Thanks.

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You should be fine with some low power Xeons,8 or 16GB of ram (DDR3 or DDR2 would be fine and is cheaper), and some 100GB SSDs to boot from.

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when someone actually tags their reply.


I ran a server for ARK (albeit 5 players max) with a $20 PC i found on ebay (Q6600) and it didn't have many problems. do what 1080 said, or find a barebones server PC on ebay then fill it up with your own parts


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Server: Dell Optiplex 755 w/Q6600, 2TB Storage

Lenovo G5


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