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Zando Bob

General Intel HEDT Xeon/i7 Discussion

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5 minutes ago, X-System said:

Thanks :D


And I have analogue sound level meter. I measured 30 cm distance of my heatsinks fans. It says 63 dBA :D


And 1 meter distance, it says 56 dBA :)


I use my analogue sound level meter, it's for to set the volume of my big speakers with woofers for my TV. It made the vibrations but I don't want to disturb my neighbors (homes) at night. So I check dBA level when I set the volume :)

oh whew, yeah that seems pretty loud 

ahh nicely, not a bad plan, very thoughtful and all, im fortunate that im not completely on the deaf so i just have a pair of headphones that i set pretty high up there but a few of my friends that are nigh on completely deaf have run into the problem of accidentally setting things too loud for those around them because they were going off of vibrations 

current rig: dual xeon E5 2643, T7600 motherboard, 128gb reg ecc DDR3 1600MHz, RX 480, 1300w dell thing, dell T7600 case, 256gb SSD for boot and a 500gb velociraptor for games/storage (temporary), 3x1080

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