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Post highest overclocks with a core 2 duo q6600

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with a good cooling solution it shouldnt be a problem getting the q660 to 4ghz. the q6600 is known for his epic overclocking capability back in the days and with some more modern mobos that support lga775 and oc´ing 4ghz is a perfectly achievable


my binary code is 420

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First its core 2 quad not core 2 duo, secondly i highly doubt anyone still uses that unless his/her grandparents gave him this PC as a gift.

for 4Ghz it will be hard for air cooler to hold that with some voltage increase and for stability issue.
I still remember i use to overclock my Q9400 from 2.66Ghz ( stock ) to 3.8Ghz stable and temps use to hit 85C ish with Air cooler that has 3 copper pipe. 

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