The idea of this build is to bring back to life with some changes my first ever pc. Originally a Dell Optiplex GX150 series PC I plan to turn this beast into a full fledged gamer of the time. Unfortunately I no longer have the original case but I do have a case I plan to modify In its stead   So to start the original hardware!   Dell Optiplex GX150 case Dell Socket 370 "Modular" Motherboard 256MB of PC133 DDR Ram 20GB IDE Hard Drive CD ROM Drive Can't remember what  CPU I had in it  Some Dell passive heatsink   And for the new(ish ) build   A Cicero Tower case I had lying around I will be reusing the motherboard I have a top to bottom blowing heatsink with a fan!!  512MB of DDR 133MHz RAM 40GB IDE 100 Hard Drive CD/DVD RW IDE Drive Haven't decided on the cpu. Will probably go with one of my Pentium 3 933MHz, 1GHz, or my 1GHz Celeron model TSENG ET6000 For my 2D card 2 STB Voodoo 2 12MB 3D cards in SLI Sound Blaster Live! For all those amazing audio clips   Hardware Porn 1 Hardware Porn 2   The Voodoos themselves!!   Oooo Finally a tiny bit of modifications! Uh..... Oh.