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Intel Optane

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Dear Experts,

Can you please clarify about Intel Optane.

Is it a Hard Drive? or it supports Hard Drive to accelerate?

is it only to install OS like Windows, Ubuntu or Can i store little data also in it?

my purpose is to install lite OS like Ubuntu and Browse, nothing more than this, i dont need any data storage.

So can i use Intel Optane for this purpose or is it mandatory to use HDD, SSD paired with Intel Optane..


Please answer Y or N

to run a PC with KabyLake supported mobo+7th gen processor Intel Optane is enough or Intel Optane plus HDD/ SSD??


Thanks in Advance.

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5 minutes ago, PRATAP KUMAR PANABAKA said:

Please answer Y or N

What is this highchool note passing?


it's a cache, not a hard drive.

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Be a normal person and get a HDD + SSD combo instead.

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Be nice to each other boys and girls. And don't cheap out on a power supply.


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Y/N can't really answer your questions as posed, but I think what you are asking is if it works on its own as a storage device, which it does not at this point. In theory it could in the future.

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