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Need advice in airflow config

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Hello there. Currently i have a case with 2 fans at front and 1 side fan, sucking air from room inside the case, and only 1 120mm hole left at the rear. 

Top of the case have no holes at all.


In the back installed 120mm radiator, seidon 120v ver.2, with a push\pull config, sucking hot air from the case outside of it.


This way, i run my 2500k below 75 at prime95, 60-65 while gaming, 35-45 idling, at 4.2ghz 1.23v


But if case opened, temps drop drastically, to 45-50 gaming, 65max prime 95.


Same if i turn 2 fans on a rad to pull cool air into the case and 1 front fan on top set to push air out of the case.


But in this situation, all pc components (motherboard pch, ram etc) run ~10-15 degrees hotter.


Should i leave it as is, with a bit warm CPU, and a cool insides, or turn fans, sacrificing MB and ram for a good cpu temps?


thank you

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75 under prime 95 load is still pretty low.  I'd be happy with that. 

Opening the door will get the system dusty and make more noise.  It sounds like you have fans in all available spots right?  I'd leave it.

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All good, I don't see any point of changing anything.

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