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Need advice in airflow config

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Hello there. Currently i have a case with 2 fans at front and 1 side fan, sucking air from room inside the case, and only 1 120mm hole left at the rear. 

Top of the case have no holes at all.


In the back installed 120mm radiator, seidon 120v ver.2, with a push\pull config, sucking hot air from the case outside of it.


This way, i run my 2500k below 75 at prime95, 60-65 while gaming, 35-45 idling, at 4.2ghz 1.23v


But if case opened, temps drop drastically, to 45-50 gaming, 65max prime 95.


Same if i turn 2 fans on a rad to pull cool air into the case and 1 front fan on top set to push air out of the case.


But in this situation, all pc components (motherboard pch, ram etc) run ~10-15 degrees hotter.


Should i leave it as is, with a bit warm CPU, and a cool insides, or turn fans, sacrificing MB and ram for a good cpu temps?


thank you

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