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Linux Based Email server

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Hello, I work at an ISP and we have an aging data center that I'm working on bringing up to date. My current project is the email server, which hosts emails for all of our customers. Currently we use Linux Magic's "Magic Mail" which has some features that I like, I can view the customers inbox without logging in as the user straight from the admin interface, I can set a mail quota, see and change their password with automated scripts from another server (asp file that edits MySQL database) , but what I like most is some of the anti spam features. I can view the queue of processing or past processed emails, It will also automatically disable accounts when they send a set amount of emails in a set amount of time, which saves me from a lot of headaches. 


What I'm really asking is, is there any software out there that has some of or all of those features, payware or open source, that the webmail doesn't look like it's been coded 12 years ago, and uses a MySQL backend?


I can't find anything that has near as many features as I need. I've heard a lot about zimbara but I haven't been able to get it working on a VM, but I could also be an idiot.


Thank you for your time in advance. 

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this channel has some different current ways of doing email servers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWcZ6Wicl-1N34H0zZe38w/videos

Good luck, Have fun, Build PC, and have a last gen console for use once a year. I should answer most of the time between midday and midnight.

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I'm curious as you say you are working for an ISP. Wouldn't you need to conform to all kind of privacy laws etc and first make a list of compliancies for this mail server before you can pick one?
I can imagine customers not wanting you to be able to see the mailboxes for example .....

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