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Change file type RAW to NTFS

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My laptop recently packed up, and after some troubleshooting I discovered it was the HDD causing the issues. I have since replaced it with an SSD and everything with the laptop is now fine (better!). I decided to plug it into my desktop to attempt to recover as much of the data off it as possible. It appears the old drive's file type is now RAW and not NTFS. Though I cannot use TestDisk or Recuva or any other programmes similar to try and recover any of my data, and instead plugging in the hard drive locks up the system instead and nothing responds until I unplug the drive again; at which point everything loads. 


To cut a long story short, anything else worth me trying before calling it quits and it being a lost drive? Thanks.

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Run chkdsk.

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Sorry this is my bad I forgot to mention that if I plug in the old HDD before booting, it lets me log in as normal and then windows boots into a black screen with nothing but a cursor (even if changing the boot order in the bios). And if I plug it after booting and logging in as normal, then it makes my system freeze up and doesnt show up in explorer or disk manager, but does in device manager. I got it to show up in disk manager once, but I dont know what I did to get it to but this is the only reason I know its RAW. 


Is running chkdsk still my best option here?


EDIT: Please note that I dont need this drive anymore, only ideally the files on it; so if returning to NTFS from RAW is not possible the please direct me in how to recover files off it instead. Thanks again.

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