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LoL esports way too confusing

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There are different splits, split finales, promotion tournament, tournaments at fairs, regional tournaments, ...  I am totally lost


I tried to watch an follow the German Team "Schalke 04" during the past view months but I still have no idea in which league they are playing, their current position and when their next game is. Maybe it is not aimed at casual players.


Does someone else feel the same way?

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Well if there's any esport which is known or its structure and organisation, its LoL. While i would say CSGO is almost there in terms of being as organised as LoL due to the fact that community initiatives like HLTV.org and Liquipedia CSGO are getting better everyday, LoL is still much more structured and organised.


That being said, the lack of a proper site similar to Liquipedia for CSGO is kind of annoying and looking for sub-tier events, teams and tournaments is very difficult. I'm aware LoLpedia exists but its quite unreliable sometimes except when it comes to the top teams and events. So yeah a little confused when it comes to tracking less than the top teams.

When there is a will, there is a way, there is also, a wall.

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It's indeed confusing af. With CSGO its minors and you get invitations or qualifiers for majors by online or lan matches. All pretty simple and easy to follow for the last 15 years, its way better organized scene and has way better people of tracking or covering the news. I know the matches and outcomes and whats at stake and all are easy to track. Its really no rocket science. Although there is a bit too much majors these days imho.


Anyway with LoL its regular, local or national, regionals, world or international events. seasonal, LAN or online or masters, Promotion, university, league ladders or points, and much more and all this with invitations, draws, splits, qualifiers, groupstages, finals etc etc etc. And all this with no consideration that there are 24 timezones and nobody can watch or track them all. You can even hear the casters say, oh player X did this and that last week. But if you then look up the date and time it was in the middle of the night at some random match or event in China or something. Yeah great man^


Its a compleet mess imho. I think when LoL grew Riot wanted as much esports as possible due demand. But they clearly went overkill with it. They dont have easy sites to track events, teams or ladders. Nor do they have accurate news tab with esports updates within the launcher. That would already save a lot of confusion. Then create a VoD sector of all of those matches. Just categorize it with events and then sub folders. Or teams en then sub folders of type of matches. I'm pretty sure Riot is competent enough to figure something out..


But its indeed not aimed for the casuals. But i know people that really into LoL and they find it mindblowing as well, so its really a issue. Its clearly not a priority at Riot Games. It took them years for creating spectator options or downloading played matches or any tools. So i doubt we will ever see Riot implenting a better esports platform. I assume they're fine with a 3th party runned esports scene.


But yeah its a mess and unnecesary confussing.

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