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Galaxy S8 Power Button Sticking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have had my Galaxy S8 since June 2017 and I have used an Otterbox Symmetry Series Shell to protect it

My power button has started to stick and I believe it is due to the case but it might be the device having a faulty button because all the other buttons work and are clicky

I dmed Samsung USA Support on twitter and they said "the damage caused by 3rd party cases would be considered physical damage and wouldn't be covered under our one year warranty." and they said I would have to pay for all the repairs

I honestly think this is bs

My Galaxy S8 is only 3 months old

As a major company they should want to help their customers but by doing this they are discouraging people from buying Samsung products because they have stupid warranty policies

Does anyone know if otterbox support would be of any help and is this type of problem cheap to repair? Also if the damage was caused by a faulty button and not the case would Samsung repair my device for free because it is in the 1 year warranty period?

Thank You

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See if anyone else has the problem with the same case and phone

Im mostly on discord now and you can find me on my profile


My Build: Xeon 2630L V, RX 560 2gb, 8gb ddr4 1866, EVGA 450BV 

My Laptop #1: i3-5020U, 8gb of DDR3, Intel HD 5500



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Posted · Original PosterOP
5 minutes ago, Billy_Mays said:

See if anyone else has the problem with the same case and phone

I tried searching the web with no luck

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I've started to have the same issue just wondering if you ever found a solution to this. Tried cleaning the button with rubbing alcohol with no result.

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