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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum review

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I always wanted a G502 as my next upgrade. I tested the mouse at one of the NCIX store (rip) and absolutely loved it so it's time for me to swap my old G402.


Overall the mouse fits great, really nice. Some people complained it being too heavy but I felt alright, though I don't want to add any weight to it yet.


The weight system is smartly implemented. The weight cover is held by magnets so it's easy to removable, however the magnet is strong enough for me to shake the mouse real hard without it falling off.


I haven't begin disassembling it yet, maybe next post.



I never cared for RGB cause most Logitech products have a blue theme already (except for keyboard back-lights :( )

There is a Color Cycle mode that switches to different RGB color. (I heard Corsair peripherals has more modes to switch between?) 

Apart from that you can change color to something you like. The breathing effect lets the mouse fade from the color you picked to off and vice versa. Really cool.


There are 3 profiles you can store on the mouse but there is more if you set to store on computer. Each profile can have different unique macros that you set. 

The computer profile is really amazing, you can even set name and logo to distinguish different profiles. 


The scroll lock button is a cool feature. I am not sure how useful this is. It allows you to use scroll wheel freely without being limited so you can scroll much faster but it not accurate so I don't bother with that feature.


I wish the DPI light could stay on all the time or be controlled somehow (maybe I am dumb). Right now I feel it is a wasted feature since it's the most visible part of the mouse when holding it.



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23 minutes ago, deXxterlab97 said:

-review snip-

I have the regular 502, and I too love it. I find myself usually leaving the scroll "locked" but sometimes i unlock it for web page scrolling, or changing weapons in games absurdly fast because its funny. The software is great (especially since I also have a Logitech keyboard) and works in most games I play (I play in window border-less so sometimes profiles dont switch when i change games, a quick alt tab always fixes this though) no complaints about the mouse itself though. Never once have I felt like I was hindered by hardware, only my own ability to "git gud scrub u suk at aiming"

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I also have but regular 502 and I hate it because of scroll wheel. On free scroll mode it's not accurate as op mentioned and is very sensitive, makes it impossible to use & with "locked" mode it's too loud. Anything else looks fine, but scroll wheel is important part of mouse and it totally ruined my experience with this mouse.

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