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Fan curve start temp??

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I have been following linustechtips for a couple of years, but this is my first post. Reason is I upgraded my gpu recently, get a Zotac 1060 amp 6gb from a 750ti and it is great, but I am from València and is really hot here, near 30C/86F and fans start and stop spinning constantly at idle or low use and is annoying and I doubt is good for the fans.

That's why I made a custom curve fan with afterburner. And my questions are:

What is the best temperature to switch on fans? 40º 50º 60º idk

It is better to make a exponential continuous curve(left) or steeps of flat temp(right)?



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i also have my fans stop at 60°C on aorus gtx 1080 ti, i  run it on 80-84°C, yea  valencia in summer is fucking insane, we went there with class like 3 years ago in september and it was fucking insanely hot probably worse than barcelona

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custom fan profiles are customised to suit the pc user.... do what you suits you, less noise? less heat? 

worst case set it linearly at (0,0) and (max temp ur comfortable with,100)


Edit: you could reduce the noise by stepping and holding the rpm for longer but then between large steps you can get annoyed by the fan speed changing

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ey, noise is not the problem.

I was worried with healthy of the gpu and fans because continuously on/off cycle has to be bad for sure.

Now starts on 62ºC and keep it under 80ºC with +-45% fan speed. Card's fans seem to be great,

My concern was if I must worry with the fans not even get on under 62º or if it's better to switch on fans from start at 15% non-stop feature whatsoever.

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