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What good is a full size AM4 Motherboard when 24 PCIE lanes is all you get?

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I'm building a Ryzen 1800x with an EVGA 1080Ti and a Samsung Pro M.2. This sucks up all of my available PCIE Lanes. What if I want to add more? For example; I  want to install on top of my video card and M.2 drive' a sound card and  WiFi card. What would be my best choice to get the extra motherboard provided PCIE Lanes? I'll need at least 2, but what's available for the  best deal? Further, why would I buy a full size Motherboard if I can't  even fully utilize it?

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As far as I know 4 lanes go to your chipset shich then split up to all the additional PCIe, M.2 slots you have. Only the GPU and maybe one M.2 (not sure about that) run off the CPU. And to be honest, using the GPU in x8 mode wouldn't really harm your performance. Anyways, you don't have to run your GPU in x8.

Ryzen Build:

Ryzen 5 1600 - RX 570 4GB - 2x8GB DDR4 - ASUS Prime X370-Pro - Shadow Rock 2 - Define S - Seasonic Prime Gold 650W




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