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Jacob Canale

Is the ROG Spatha really that bad?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I really want to buy it but some reviewers say its terrible. I love everything about it, but im worried im making the wrong choice. 

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I haven't heard anything but if there is anything I would like to know since I too have considered this mouse

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8 minutes ago, Jacob Canale said:

I really want to buy it but some reviewers say its terrible. I love everything about it, but im worried im making the wrong choice. 

It looks super cheap and uncomfortable, but if you really like it just go with it.

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it just isn't worth the price you are paying for it

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The point of a gaming mouse is to allow you to move your cursor as quickly, comfortably, and accurately as possible. Other things like lights and extra buttons are nice to have, but don't make a mouse any better for gaming.


As far as moving the mouse quickly goes, the Spatha does have wireless going for it. Wireless is great; mouse bungees can only do so much. The option for both braided and rubber cables when charging is needed is also welcome. On the other hand, it's twice as heavy as most proper gaming mice, which makes fast movement an impossibility unless you use a very high DPI. And using a high DPI destroys accuracy, so that's not an option.


For comfort, the weight is again an issue. You're going to fatigue quickly if you use a reasonable sensitivity. The side button placement also works against picking up the mouse, as it replaces the traditional thumb ridge. Magnesium feels great in the hand, Asus's rubber grips are very nice, the finger rests are nice, and the switches on the mouse are great, but there's no overlooking the above gamebreakers. I'd normally comment on how a mouse's dimensions suit different grip styles and hand sizes, but the button placement is unsuitable for all of them.


For accuracy? You've got wireless latency on top of Asus's higher than average USB latency, an Avago 9800 (infamous for acceleration), and a chassis that requires minimal lift-off high DPI use.


Overall it fails at being a gaming mouse. It does perform remarkably well as an RGB metal bodied desk sculpture, but you could get an actually decent mechanical keyboard to fulfill the same role for that price.

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