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Installing Dedicated Ethernet Into a Mobile Home from 1996

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Hi, I live in a Double wide Mobile Home, and I'm looking for some tips on how the heck I get cables from one end of the house to the other (at least one for a Wireless AP). The mobile home was built in 1996 or 1997, I'm not 100% sure about which year, and has a few quirks.


It has Cat3 or Cat4 (or something along those lines) that were installed for the telephone when the house was first put onto the lot, along with coax cables that are no longer even usable. The current telephone box is located at one end of the house inside of a closet, and my ADSL2+ (10/10 slow internet) modem is located on the other side of the wall. I have very little access to the telephone box due to that it's in my sister's closet and she has quite a bit of stuff shoved into that closet. I have now way to access the wiring, or the telephone lines from the crawl space under the house without having to rip all the insulation underneath the house out. There is no attic or crawl space in the roof as well. The only way to access the small gap between the ceiling and the roof is to remove the shingles that are only 6 years into their 15 year projected lifespan (I'd rather not rip those off quite yet), or cut through the ceiling.


I'd like to run the cables down the center of the house where the two halves meet, but the two trailer frames are bolted together. Also, the center wall does not run the whole length of the house, so I can't just run it through that. It would then have to run up above or below the walkways. However there are a few electrical outlets, and one phone line that run along the center wall. Are there any people that have experience in running cables through existing wall like this, and know how to do it without having to rip the drywall apart?

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