Because there are all too many requests for games, I will compile a list of games with short descriptions accompanying them so people can find new games to play, or games to play that don't require powerful computers.    This post will list all the games alphabetically, This Second post will list games that are lightweight, and easier to run, finally the THIRD post will show games listed in categories of genre, with each game listed alphabetically, and then each category in alphabetical order. There is a community doc list here and then finally a good games list here for games that are guaranteed to be fantastic games however you will likely know all the titles already.    How to read: Everything is in American English. Everything is sorted in Alphabetical order, except for franchises. Franchises are listed in order they were released if they have the same title. (ie; Dawn of War: Winter Assault, Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.) Titles are listed excluding non-important words if they come first. (ie; The Elder Scrolls is listed under E as Elder Scrolls.) At the end I list a few tags: Goofy Comedy (this means the game is goofy, and has some cartoon like comedy very prominent) Quirky Comedy (Similar to British comedy where it's not as cartoon like, however it's quite odd yet funny) Cult Classic (Excellent game that was either a cult classic, or very popular in the community of which genre the game is) Critically Acclaimed (Was extremely popular in the time of its release, if not for years after. Super game of the year instant hits.) Some games have warnings, please be advised. Some games may be graphic. I tried to use as family friendly language as possible but giving enough description to make this accessible to as many people as possible.  If a game starts with ~ it means I have been suggested an alternative description enough times, but have rejected them all.  ES stands for eSport where the game is/was very popular because of the competitive scene, and live-streaming.     Additional Notes: As this is a PC gaming section, console games will not be listed. If you wish to emulate emunation is one place to start looking.  If you have any games you know of that should be listed, post them below and I'll add them. Giving me a short description would help me out a lot.  Any recommended changes as well. I didn't play all the games on the list, or I don't have a quick explanation I can give. If you think you have a better description advise me.  This thread will be updated as needed.