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m.2 Riser card/Cable?

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I was curious has anyone tried the M.2 Riser cables or know of a card of some kind that can flip an m.2 slot?


So I am building a new PFsense, in a 1u very very tight case. And stupid Asus had to go an put the M.2 slot on the board on the edge facing out, and say "2242 native, however due to edge design any length supported". Which, is kinda wonky solution lol. Of course reliable 2242s dont exist, and I dont have that much space from the board edge and the fan. So if I have to flip the m.2 connector around somehow, so that it will support a 2280. 


Preferably a riser that supports PCI 4 lanes, as that is what the board supports (Haha, funny right, seeing how a 2242 pci drive doesn't exist......) Asus has taken the stupid award of the year for this one. 


Oh here is a pic of what I got to give you an idea of what is going on here. 



That PCI slot will also be on a Riser cable to run the network card in the correct direction. (I would prefer a card riser but not with Istars prices :P.) So I guess I lay that cable down then, lay the new m.2 on top so I can sink it. As its a small and hot case (1u)


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