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Easy multi-monitor management on/off/sleep

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well if you are like me and have more than one monitor, it can be a pain to turn them all on and off ( i have 3 ).

I use this free program called Nir command:


It allows you control a lot of functionality of your pc and it is very easy to set up with desktop shortcuts.


I have a shortcut on my desktop that puts my computer to sleep along with all my monitors:

target: nircmdc.exe cmdwait 6000 monitoroff cmdwait 1000 standby

it turns off your monitors in 6 seconds then puts, the computer to sleep. this way you can cancel it if you didnt mean to. Then you just hit a key on your keyboard to wake everything, you will have to configure power settings to ssd's if you want to wake using them, never have them sleep otherwise the pc doesn't wake properly.

the program has a lot of functionality aside from this, but it is what I tend to use it for the most.

My Setup:

CPU: I7-3930k @ 4.5GHz | Cooling: Corsair H100 in PP /w NF-F12 | MOBO: Asus P9X79 WS LGA 2011 | RAM  32 GB Mushkin Redline @  2133  | GPU:  (2) Sapphire 7970 GHz 6G edition | Case:  NZXT Switch 810 | Storage: Raid 0: Mushkin ssd total 480 GB | PSU: XFX ProSeries 1250W

Displays: (3) Acer GD235HZbid (120 hz) with a Ergotech Triple Monitor ArmStand /w telescoping wings | Keyboard: Xarmor black backlight mechanical with cherry blues | Mouse: Roccat Kone XTD  | Sound: Logitech 5.1 Z-5500 and Astro A-40's

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I just turn off my comp and all of them go to sleep automatically...

Anything I write is just a comment, take is as such, there is no guarantees associated with anything I say.

ATX Portable rig (smaller than prodigy(LOL)) :  Nmedia 2800 | Gigabyte Z77x-ud3h  | Corsair HX1000 | Scythe Big Shuriken | i5 3570K  |  XFX R9 290 DoubleD | Corsair Vengeance 32GB

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