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Help, need new Headset, any suggestions

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, i am in need of a new headset, i was tired of buying new headsets every year when the cable inevitably gives up so i decided to get myself a wireless headset, i got the turtle beach 450 stealth and it's great, sounds good mics good and wireless all suits my need except for one problem, i have a big head, this idea in the headset industry that one size fits all is infuriating because after nine months with no issues one of the retractable head bands snaped, it fits tightly in the headset so i slid that side in until it wouldn't come out and then extended the other side and low and behold that side has just snapped, i need a headset with a good construction, either large in size or metal in construction if not both around £150 in price and no more and wireless with a microphone, i came here because i'm having a hard time finding something like this and i don't want £100 headphones to be a part of my yearly budget because wires snap and headset companies don't consider people to have different size heads thank you


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I recommend buying the Logitech G430 headset, it has Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, and its very expandable, so hopefully your head will fit in. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

The GSP looks like i might run into the same issues i had with the turtle beach. the BeyerDynamic DT looks good but i just can't trust wires anymore with the number of times i've had cables break and the G430 is also cabled, thanks for all the replys ideally i would be looking for something like the beyerdynamic but wireless

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have decided on new headphones so i thought i would post what i ended up with, ultimately people with large heads be damned if they want headphones that won't break after one year due to either cable or headband snapping, i looked far and wide, high and low and could only find one pair that looked to be designed for large headed people, reasonably priced and wireless, unfortunately they don't appear to have a microphone (not that people use those much more in public pc gaming), so i bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered sennheiser's urbanite XL and this time if they break i won't try to use epoxy to fix them i shall just be sending them off with it's 2 year warranty, thank you for your suggestions i'm kinda sad that i couldn't find something like the beyerdynamic DT with wireless but you cant have the cookie and eat it in regards to a decent and sturdy wireless headphones, thank you all for your suggestions

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