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Need help with a complicated tech/audio issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello there.


So i have kind of a complicated problem. I have multiple audio sources and outputs, all an other connection that i want to connect to 1 compact, low budget switch, that is available in Belgium and has a EU power adapter.

I don't wanna do any funky adapter things like: "optical audio to L&R (those red and white cables.. don't know what they are called) and then to a 3.5mm jack" I also wanna be able to control my headset from there. I'd like it if there is only one optical audio and one 3.5mm mic jack going to my pc. Not 3 cables



I have 1 Razer leviathan, that i want to run of an optical audio cable.

I also have one headset that uses mic and audio 3.5mm jacks.

another thing that i need is again 3.5mm cable to go to my bed.

And as last i want to have some wiggleroom so atleast 2 extra outputs. Preferably 1 3.5mm and 1 optical audio


So 1(+1) optical audio port(s) and 2(+1) 3.5mm audio jacks



First my computer that is connected by optical audio.

My wii u, apple TV and ps2 are also optical audio.

I also need 1 3.5mm audio jack for the Amazon Echo Dot


That counts 2x optical audio and 1 3.5mm


So this is a really complicated problem and i really hope there is a switch on the market that can do all of that out of the box with no funny DIY stuff.


PS: Sorry for my english spelling mistakes if i made some



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-Thread moved to the Audio section-

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14 minutes ago, TechDerp said:

L&R (those red and white cables.. don't know what they are called)

RCA cables


and when you're referring to optical audio are you referring to this?


Current Build

Successful Builds



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You won't find anything at any price point which does what you're asking. Simply because, an optical signal is both digital and not the same as what comes out a 3.5mm jack and unless you convert everything to either one, you won't find anything you want. What you're asking for is a large universal I/O black box, this doesn't exist within your price point and not at all including optical.


It's only a really complicated problem if you're not prepared to spend what it takes to do it properly.

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