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Batch file copying

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Sorry, what startup folder?


Do you just mean make a copy to the same folder?

Want to know which mobo to get?


Choose whatever you need. Any more, you're wasting your money. Any less, and you don't get the features you need.


Only you know what you need to do with your computer, so nobody's really qualified to answer this question except for you.


chEcK iNsidE sPoilEr fOr a tREat!

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Like this?


@echo off

set startDIR="%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup"
echo "Moving %0 to the %startDIR%"

copy %0 %startDIR%



import * as signature from "signature";

signature.display({"CPU""Intel i9 9900k @ 3.56HZ",  "GPU"ASUS GTX 1080",  "RAM""16GB CORSAIR DDR4", "MOBO""ASUS Z390-E"});


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