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Can a Pentium run a plex server?

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dont forget, you can also download Handbrake and transcode all your videos in advance, that way plex doesnt have to do it on the fly. then you dont even need to worry about it

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You need to remember that Direct Play by Plex does not require transcoding (Most common for Smart TV's and Mobile Devices). My dual core server idles at 2% usage when streaming Planet Earth II @ 4K to my PC. You should look into if you are going to use Direct Play.


More Info on Direct Play: Direct Play and Direct Stream

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On 8/9/2017 at 11:04 AM, Jarsky said:



I already can play some 4K via Plex but only some of it.  They can take anywhere from 15% CPU to 100% and stutter. You'll probably find the more intensive ones are DTS audio or something like Dolby Atmos - they can put a significant strain on the CPU for transcoding, if you don't have a DTS compatible receiver. 


I use Kodi to DirectPlay all my 4K content since I have a DTS/TrueHD/Dolby Atmos receiver - so I do GPU decoding in Kodi with a 10 series card that keeps power usage much lower. I just use Plex for remotely streaming 720p/1080p content.



Also had a crack at transcoding 4k on a ryzen 1700 with similar results. Looks like ill have to just install kodi boxes everywhere. 

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