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Bob Jim

How to set up a 2 drive system on Windows 10?

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I've got a 128gb SSD and a 1TB HDD. I would like to know how i set it up so files etc go in my HDD while windows and just a few programs/steam games go in my ssd. What do I do to achieve this?



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literally just plug em both in. install windows on the SSD when you install (it'll ask which drive), and then just put all your media into the HDD. you can set up windows to make the default "libraries" folders there too, if you want

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one way of doing it is using mklink junctions


Here's a .bat code I use to link Documents, Music, Videos, and Pictures to the secondary storage:


@echo off
color 0a
echo This program creates junctions for the Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Downloads Folder in User Folder.
echo :)
echo Type the drive letter of the storage drive.
SET /P Drive=
md "%Drive%:\%UserName%"
md "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Documents"
md "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Music"
md "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Pictures"
md "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Videos"
copy "%UserProfile%\Documents\*.* %Drive%:\%UserName%\Documents"
copy "%UserProfile%\Music\*.* %Drive%:\%UserName%\Music"
copy "%UserProfile%\Pictures\*.* %Drive%:\%UserName%\Pictures"
copy "%UserProfile%\Videos\*.* %Drive%:\%UserName%\Videos"
rmdir /s /q "%UserProfile%\Documents"
rmdir /s /q "%UserProfile%\Music"
rmdir /s /q "%UserProfile%\Pictures"
rmdir /s /q "%UserProfile%\Videos"
mklink /j "%UserProfile%\Documents" "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Documents"
mklink /j "%UserProfile%\Music" "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Music"
mklink /j "%UserProfile%\Pictures" "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Pictures"
mklink /j "%UserProfile%\Videos" "%Drive%:\%UserName%\Videos"


Just type the drive letter in

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Install Windows on the SSD like normal. Then you format your HDD (if it needs it) and set up your folders and needed and put your stuff in there.


If you use Libraries extensively to navigate your personal data, you can have the Libraries point to the HDD. You can also do this in your Users folder, but it has a very bad bug if you do it wrong. So I normally suggest avoid that.

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Install windows on the SSD first, then plug your HDD in after.

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