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Abdul Samad

Window XP BSOD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

hi everyone
today i was trying to run my old hdd that had window xp on it on my core 2 dou which currently runs window 10
but its not working

as window xp start loading it shows the blue screen of death
why its not loading ???

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, M.Yurizaki said:

What's the error code the BSOD gives you?

i cant acctually see
its like 
window starts loading 
suddenly there is bsod for less than a second and than pc restarts

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2 minutes ago, Abdul Samad said:

i cant acctually see
its like 
window starts loading 
suddenly there is bsod for less than a second and than pc restarts

Keep pressing F8 while the computer boots until a menu pops up. Select "Do not automatically restart on system error" or something like that. That will prevent the automatic restarting.

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yes the BSOD error code would greatly help in troubleshooting this.

but aside from that, did you install that copy of windows xp onto that hard drive with the same computer? if you're just plug n' playing the XP hard drive from a different machine all together, you may have driver conflict issues, and in my experience i've had a lot of problems with installations particularly from OEM pcs, and trying to save data from them for transferring.

My PC Setup:


The PC:

Case: Cougar Solution ATX Mid Tower

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620v3

Mobo: AsRock x99 Extreme4

RAM: 12GB (3x4GB) GeiL DDR4 2133MHz

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB MSI Armor OC

PSU: EVGA 80+ 500w

Storage: Toshiba P300 1TB HDD + Hitachi HDS721016CLA382 160GB HDD (with the classic messy partition table)

Cooling: Zalman CNPS10X Extreme

Etc: LG Lite-On DVD+R Burner (i use optical media all the time for vintage computers, it's not dead yet! hell, floppy drive in here too but can't plug it into x99 :()


Outside the case:

Monitors (left to right):  Dell E176FP + Samsung Syncmaster 2253BW + AOC G2260VWQ6 Freesync

Keyboard: Lexmark (IBM) Model M-122

Mouse: Logitech G402

Headset: Samson SR850

DAC: Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini

Mic: Realistic Cardioid 33-992a


Main Laptop: 2009 Macbook (Recycling Haul)
Streaming Laptop: 2013 Samsung Series 7 Ultra 740U




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What Syloui says.  If your XP wasn't installed on that PC (or one just like it), the drivers most likely aren't right for the hardware you're trying to run it on.  That results in BSODs.


Plug the drive in while the PC is running from your Win10 install, recover the data that way. 

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If the install of xp wasn't done on that computer, then it won't have the drivers necessary to actually run and will always instantly blue screen every time since older windows operating systems aren't as robust as windows 8 and beyond and won't change drivers when it runs on hardware it wasn't originally used with during its installation.

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