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Improving router wan performance.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi forum


I resently got a new 1gigabit internet connection.

After some investigating I decided to buy a ubiquiti edgerouter x to get the best performance out of it.

After installing the router I was really disappointed, the router cut my performance back to 500mbit.


Is there a way to improve my performance to 800 mbit.

I know the I will not get the full 980 mbit, Which i get whiteout the routher.


But 500 is way to low.


Kind regards l, jknl


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check if the QoS services are enabled on the router and disable them

one other good thing is to read through the manual

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Make sure QoS is off, make sure DPI is off, make sure HW offloading for everything is on.

Though the X is a poor choice, I would at least go with an EdgeRouter Lite.

Comb it with a brick

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