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PC Optimizers - Real Fix or Just Snake Oil?

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I'll echo the "YES" comments when it comes to snake oil. There are very few somewhat "legit" applications, but they work similar to how W10 game mode does. Meaning that, if you're one of those users who can't keep a cap on background processes, and keeps piling on bloatware, or isn't informed enough to discern what's useful and what's not, they may provide a benefit by shutting down processes that shouldn't have been running in the first place. For everyone else who can maintain a half-decent optimally running OS, they're absolutely useless. In fact, they can be somewhat detrimental to performance (As lots of reviewers found out with W10 Game Mode) as these applications are sometimes scanning for processes to shut down in regular intervals (like your AV software).



TL;DR: W10 Game mode and a few of these applications may do something for people with terribly bloated OS installs, but for everyone else, it's just another background application to run. And yes, most of them are the snakiest of snake oil.

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