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What the fuck is wrong with RAM prices

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Posted · Original PosterOP
4 minutes ago, grimreeper132 said:

ECC is not needed for most cases for a home NAS, as the chance that the data corrupts to a level which is even noticeable on your NAS is extremely small. As for that no you didn't all you said was the system supported 8GB of RAM, but you didn't say the variant which you own did, as it might of been only with a certain CPU that you could get a full 8GB of RAM and they excluded that out from the obvious documentation in order to up sell the product

The initial topic was for my DV7 laptop, which supports 8GB.

Read the whole thread. You are confused.


We were talking about NAS, so I stated that the RAM for my NAS was only $40. The Dell Precision is my NAS. It supports a maximum of 64GB of RAM.


It's not just my home NAS, it't fifteen terabytes for a reason. About 13 people use it for personal backup storage. Haha what home NAS needs fifteen terabytes lol

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