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The grey wolf

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Greetings people!


This will be a somewhat "quick and dirty" build that I was hired to build for a fellow Dane. I have not been able to share any pictures until now, so lets get some work in progress, and other stuff running!


First a little teaser of what will come of this thread!




I am going trough my pictures and video as I type this, so updates will come as I get them edited. Since there is a great discussion about wolves in Denmark right now (They recently where spottet in the wild, and has been breeding) I thought it fitting to name the project accordingly, also since the color scheme is very alike.



  • Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Glass
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte AORUS K5
  • Graphic card: Gigabyte 1080 TI
  • CPU: Intel 7700K
  • RAM: 32 gb Klevv Cras
  • PSU: Corsair HX850I
  • SSD: Samsung 960 EVO 512 gb


  • Waterblocks: EK
  • Radiators: EK
  • Fittings: Bitspower
  • Fluid: Mayhems Pastel dark grey


A big thank you goes out to EK, Bitspower and Mayhems for sending some parts for this build!


Lets get started! First update here will be a few pictures of the hardware used.




Choice of card for this build was the gtx 1080 ti.




Great performance, and looks, but an absolute pain to take apart.




Motherboard is the Gigabyte AORUS K5. No need for a super high-end board as the build will most likely never be overclocked. I do like the built in lighting, but the motherboard REALLY lacks a temperature in port.




Not too flashy, just good looking.




I originally planned to just use a stand alone CPU block, but saw that EK had this great looking full cover block that fittet the board. I was quite nervous for how the light was going to work out, as many LED's put into stuff like that is super bright and not at all diffused. This one was luckily super good looking when turned on!






Really digg the looks of this block!




The GPU got a full cover EK acrylic block and a silver backplate. I recently started using the silver backplates instead of the black backplates, with no regrets. They can really spice up a build!




I really like that they have removed the DVI connector from this card. Single slot just looks so much better.




Matches the board quite well.




And also teams up quite nicely with the motherboard mono block.




The two colors I decided on trying out. In the end, the left darker grey won. The fluid is the new grey pastel from Mayhems.




Planning the layout of the build.




And a little special something I decided to make!


More will come soon! Thank you for reading:)

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Most splendid. Very clean, I love it. Please don't stick a bunch of carnival lights in it. Form follows function. Brilliant build. The pastel blue fluid, and transparent blocks will highlight the fluid path very nicely. I can't wait to see more! 9_9

Best Excuses:

        #1(simple) "Well, I never liked that stupid thing anyway!"

        #2(complex) "Obviously there was a flaw in the material, probably due to the inadvertent introduction of contaminants during the manufacturing process."

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, MadModder said:

Most splendid. Very clean, I love it. Please don't stick a bunch of carnival lights in it. Form follows function. Brilliant build. The pastel blue fluid, and transparent blocks will highlight the fluid path very nicely. I can't wait to see more! 9_9

The fluid is actually dark grey:D


The only light that is in it is the lights on the motherboard, and the ones in the mono block. Looks quite good when lit up at lowest brightness.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Update 2! Cables :D




I made a video with my fancy new camera, so be sure to check that out! It shows the entire cable making process.




These are the steps I go trough when making the custom length cables.


1: Cut wire to length + 5-10 cm
2: Crimp one end
3: Put sleeving and heatshrink on, and finish that end
4: Stretch the sleeving, and cut where you can feel the wire ending
5: Burn the end you just cut, and squeeze the sleeving together
6: Route and cut the wire to final length
7: Crimp the other end of the cable
8: Stretch the sleeving again, it should now fit precisely with the terminal
9: Put heatshrink on, and finish the last end.




Pump and graphic card cables done, as seen from the underside of the mid plate (I will show this in the next update)




Seen trough the front. The pump sites neatly right in front of the PSU, and connects directly to the reservoir trough the mid plate.




All cables routed trough the custom made cable combs. I made these from 10 mm lasercut acrylic, and then drilled and tapped a M4 hole in the rear so that they could be screwed into the case.




Most of the cables completed




Took a while to train the cables to sit perfectly in this bend. Worked out quite good though!

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Posted · Original PosterOP
On 7/28/2017 at 12:32 PM, P4LL3R said:

Amazing cable management, nice work! 

Thanks man!


So, update time, finally!


I have had more requests than I can count about how I make my watercooling distro plates, so I have made a video that shows the process, and included a download link to the file in the video so you guys can try and make your own distro plates :o:o







This is what I end up with after carefully measuring up where all port locations in the case should go. I then transfer this into a 3D program.






The final plate after milling and polishing. The o-rings are fixed length, but you could also just cut some o-ring string and glue it together, but using fixed length o-rings are a tad safer.




I mounted the acrylic plate on a 10 mm lasercut black piece of acrylic.




The bottom piece also has holes for the GPU cables.




Really like the fitting color, and the chamfer I made on the top of the distro plate.




The pump mounts to the bottom of the distro plate, and goes straight up to the reservoir.




Passtrough cables sleeved and mounted.




Ready to mount everything inside the case :o




And mounted, and ready for tubing.




Tight spot under the plate for the pump.

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What a lovely build!


Greetings from Copehnagen.

W H E N   T H E   W O R L D   I S   A G A I N S T   Y O U ,   B U I L D   C O M P U T E R S !

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