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Where to Put It? Laptop HDD vs New SSD

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Classic upgrade for a laptop with an existing HDD: keep the old HDD for storage and install a new SSD for the OS and Programs.


QUESTION: Is it best to:

1) Move the old HDD for use as storage to the old optical drive bay using a drive caddy, with the new SSD installed in the internal tray with the OS & Programs loaded on to it, OR;

2) Just stick the new SSD into the drive caddy in the optical drive bay and leave the HDD in the internal tray?


ALLEGED REASONS FOR # 1: a) The internal tray is shock mounted so best to keep the mechanical HDD drive there. It would be more susceptible to shock damage in the optical drive caddy. b) There is no notable real world difference in the data transfer rate between the internal SATA vs the Optical Drive connection.


ALLEGED REASONS for # 2: a) The data transfer for the internal tray is faster via a much better SATA connection so best to put the SSD in the internal tray. b) The shock worry for the optical tray mounted mechanical HDD is trivial, as long as you are not playing rugby with the laptop. c) The SSD will be effortlessly recognized as the boot drive. d) Re-pointing folders like Downloads and Movies to the new HDD drive for default storage is easy.


So says the contradictory world of YouTube.


Which is better? (Trying to stick either drive in one other place hurts - a lot).


Thx - JT

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