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[CAN] [Newegg] Philips SPH9500S $60

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Newegg is having a sale on headphones and if you filter by things that won't get you laughed at in the audio section, you're left with this:






$60 (-$5 with the code and then +$5 for shipping) regular $110, which is a bit of a stretch since $70 - $80 is more reasonable in CAD (less in USD obviously, at the moment) but still a sale on what are often very very well reviewed, both for the price, and just in general.

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Wow! That's a good price for the US as well. If I didn't already own way too many headphones/headsets I'd jump on that one. 9_9

Best Excuses:

        #1(simple) "Well, I never liked that stupid thing anyway!"

        #2(complex) "Obviously there was a flaw in the material, probably due to the inadvertent introduction of contaminants during the manufacturing process."

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