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The TINIEST Nvidia SLI Setup EVER?

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Buy Nvidia video cards on Amazon: http://geni.us/K3qCaf


These may be the coolest USB sticks we've ever seen... but can you amplify their performance by "SLIing" them like you can with their GPU lookalikes?



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+1 for macs

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Incoming rage. I don't mind that the LTT group is using thumbnails and titles to gain more new viewers, and it's a real grey zone as to what's acceptable vs what brings more profit...
 For honesty's sake though, I think the title should've had a "-With Thumbdrives"  or something similar tacked on at the end to quell some of the clickbait rage.
Very misleading video name, but it was still entertaining all the same.

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14 minutes ago, Lurick said:

I sense a flood of dislikes incoming for this because of that title.

it is strangely enough not a hugely bad ratio, the salt in the youtube comments tho.. :P


also, their past "oh this is totally going to dislike hell" videos started to go up in ratio after like.. the inital wave of salt.

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Wow, those speeds...  Are these things even USB 3.0? Even my own Samsung drive, criticized for middling performance, performs more than 3x as fast as SLI these things. 


Points for the Mac though. Software RAID, just works. Loved the video though, as pointless and amusing as Skyrim videos on YouTube. 

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I find it hilarious that MacOS was able to do it but Windows wasn't xD 

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I've gotta say, this video sure wreaks of a "we have no idea for a video..." moment.

The thumb drives are neat though. Too bad they're not in production.

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4 minutes ago, Zodiark1593 said:

Wow, those speeds...  Are these things even USB 3.0? Even my own Samsung drive, criticized for middling performance, performs more than 3x as fast as SLI these things. 


Points for the Mac though. Software RAID, just works. Loved the video though, as pointless and amusing as Skyrim videos on YouTube. 

i'm sure they were more meant as a novelty than an actual funcional product, and making it the usual 8GB was below nvidia's standards :P they look more bulky than they'd ideally be as well.


as for software raid, windows server can do that for you as well, but M$ disabled that for us plebs :D

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and here I was expecting to see some SFF PC case designed to fit like 2 Zotac Mini's is SLI or some DIY shit to fit 2 SLI Mini's (or whatever the physically smallest SLI capable card from any generation) crammed into a small case.


oh well guess it's all clickbait now.

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...That's not an SLI setup, that's a RAID setup.

I mean, come on, WTF.


I expected a small case with an m-atx motherboard and like 2 1-slot 1070's or something but nope! Totally not the case.

Usually i have to agree that the title isn't misleading when they release a bad video, but this time the title is just clearly wrong.

If you want my attention, quote meh! D: or just stick an @samcool55 in your post :3

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those are slow-ass USB sticks. 5MB/s writes belong in 2010


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Absolutely no banter i this thread unfortunately.


"hur hur those aren't gpus you can't call it sli"


Calm down kids. It's just a bit of fun. 

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since nobody ever thinks to ask me about these things while they're making the video I'll just do it now

first result on google is toms hardware

and it points here

basically  windows thinks it's removable media, if you tell it that it isn't via bcdedit then any software raid solution works

there's other solutions I know of as well but this is probably one of the quickest and easiest for me instead of tracking down some specialty software


you're welcome linus

now please make a video with good usb 3 drives and do some insane multiple anker 10 port usb hubs filled with drives and make some mini server array and share the video


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I was disappointed that the video mentions 8-bit guy's video, but doesn't mention - what is in my opinion a master piece in this topic - the video made by Sun engineers (from times before they were acquired by Oracle) to promote the ZFS file system.

They used 12 USB drives, which could be removed and reinserted in arbitrary order. Just search for CSI:Munich for the German version, but I swear there is somewhere the English version :).

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What's the chances of getting a real tiniest Nvidia SLI setup ever video? Maybe with the ASRock X299 Mini-ITX Build with two GALAX GeForce GTX 1070 KATANA through PCI Express Bifurcation. Could even throw in a Corsair SFX600 PSU and throw it all into a custom built case!

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To me this video was just annoying, not in the title, nor the fact that they made it, but more in the fact that the entire thing feels like a drawn out joke, and the product of this sort of slow, working through the problem even though they probably knew the solution already sort of thing doesn't work very well for this video because 8 - bit dude already made a video doing everything here better, and cooler, and the only thing LTT did special was throw in some stretched jokes about Macs, his intro, and SLI. 

I understand why this happened, but I don't like it. So, like a responsible adult, I didn't watch it.

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Still, don't put too much faith in my buying decisions. xD 

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